Turf Maintenance Services


We specialise in large-scale mowing, which broadly speaking, consists of three individual services: mowing, vertimowing and aerating. 

These services are available separately but work best when delivered as part of a co-ordinated turf management program, which schedules mowing services with the appropriate turf improvement and remediation treatments necessary to achieve a professional result.



Soil Amendments


Turf improvement and remediation treatments

These services are available as stand-alone services but they work best when used in conjunction with our mowing services or as part of a turf management program.

Soil Amendments

Soil amendments are treatments required to address issues in the soil. These include wetting agents and individual nutrient applications.

Even after the application of a balanced granular fertiliser, it may be necessary to supplement the soil with the application of a particular nutrient or group of nutrients, including Nitrogen, Phosphorous or Potassium (NPK) or one of the trace elements.

Soil analysis helps us pinpoint with accuracy what needs to be done to support future growth.

Broad Leaf Weed Selective

Weeds can grow quickly and invade your turf before you know it – especially during Perth’s wet winters.

Weeds don’t only monopolise the limited amount of nutrients available to your grass, they look unsightly and can make your turf unusable.

There are two methods of controlling weeds: Applying a pre-emergent before weeds germinate or a weed selective after germination has taken place and we can recommend the right one for your turf and time of year.

Liquid Fertilisers

Liquid fertilisers are absorbed by the turf leaf blade.The benefit of applying these types of fertilisers is that they’re fast acting, able to quickly address stress-related issues or for a general boost to the overall health of the turf.

Granular Fertiliser

Granular fertilisers are absorbed by the turf root.

The benefit of applying a balanced granular fertiliser is that its effects are long-lasting. The slower, more sustained release ensures your turf will have more even, uniform growth all year round.

Put your turf maintenance on auto-pilot

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